Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh! April 18..

whoa!!! my e-mail inbox is flooded with spam and other such crap..i have messages and requests and the likes.. this phenomenon, i have not experienced ever since i got myself familiar with the pc.. hahaha.. guess that's what you get (when you let your heart win.. whoa!! lol) when you're cooped inside a house with no pc for.. what.. more than what you expect to be.. but i ain't complainin.. me is just amazed.. cguro d ko lang napapansin 'cpz they never really pile up..

oh well..

can't wait for the 18th.. my gala uniform is ready..
but the rest ain't..
i still have a white stocking, cap n shoe to worry about.. though not as much with the stockings.. i'm pretty sure i can "borrow" my sistah's..
the cap i want new and clean.. hmmm.. New and Clean.. the cap..
the shoe? what a bout the shoe!! i still have the one i wore for graduation.. it still fits.. but given that i haven't worn it for almost 2 yrs (APril 20, '07 ung last) i find it's quality questionable..

oh.. and the Pin.. my college pin.. hmmm... it's somewhere in the hands of tita Rose.. those who know tita Rose would understand.. hehehe.. or not... because it's my fault she has it.. Gluttony.. and literal Gluttony at that. I became oh so hungry, i felt i was starved for centuries one day that i hgad the urge to lend my pin to dear Tita.. hehe.. needless to say.. i never got it back.. so i will just have to borrow from a dear friend her pin until i get enough funds to take back, from tita Rose, what is rightfully mine!!!

me has got to go now.. mi ija is making nakaka-awa faces..

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