Wednesday, May 7, 2008

you keep buggin' me.. you can't not have me.. and you can't lose em either.. ok.. i compromise.. coz i'm not selfish. i don't wanna be the bad one..

you know the deal.. i don't make you choose over me and your barkada unless you go gangstah and playah again.. and you tell me what the **** is happenin' when somethin' is happenin' .. you say yes..

the thing is.. magaling ka lang kung tayo lang.. pero kung andyan sila.. you wanna show them na kaw ang boss.. yes you are the boss of yourself.. but you go overboard..

i let you have your barkada.. eventhough they talk sh*t bout me and call me names.. ok.. you go callin' every other b*tch pet names.. twas ok.. but really honey.. it's so old news..

but you don't let me have my barkada.. it's always "anu ginagwa nyo?" .. i don't do what you do.. if that's what you mean.. i don't go doing anyone when they offer me whatever they offer me.. AND I DON'T HELL WANNA KILL ANYONE WHO CALLS ME NAMES!!

you don't go pointing your gun on my friends.. atleast do me that favor.. you and your friends have called me worst names than anyone.. but i don't go and pull a gun or attack them just because they did..

you're getting low.. and you're better than that..
i know you and some of your friends are..

you want me to back off them.. pwede.. as long as you do your part..

and i you know i know you know what i'm talkin' about..

you push me away and pull me back everytime you feel threatened..

it can't always be that way

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