Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wah! modelling as a career?! definitely..

someone ask me if i was interested.. ofcourse.. who isn't?!

but he was fraudish.. and i ain't fallin for his crap.. and he was the one who got pissed?! a.hole! azif!

watched gg ep.14.. i believe i am the first of my gg friends who's seen it.. coz if they've already seen it.. they'd be all the buzz of it.. hahaha..
although i hated it for not being by the book at first.. i can't help it.. chuck bass was as horny.ish as i thought he was.. and he has the right to be..

i can't stop thinking of him.. ooops.. B. should be doing the "wet dreams" blog about him.. coz S. is for D. .. hahaha..

-=flight of ideas mode=-

my b-day is coming up.. i'm not really excited about it.. coz.. it's a busy day.. a very busy day.. got review..

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