Saturday, April 5, 2008

wedding vows much?!


new found freedom..

my friends are coming out..
pooping.. i mean.. popping everywhere..

it's like..
i feel mucho loved now..
the one thing they hate.. or.. not like.. about me..
is gone..

new page..

dami na boys..
dami palang boys noh..
kala ko kasi..


emo nanaman..

cut it..


you make me laugh.. though sometimes ununderstandably senseless..
you flatter me with your presence..
you are mine..

i don't want to add words..
because i find them incapable of explaining what you do to me..
you breadth life.. to my death..
and your loss will be mine too..

you should know you blow my mind..
it's a bliss when i'm with you..
you make my cry with happiness..
you make me sway like the wind..
free.. floating.. light..

you keep me sane..
or you've made me too crazy..
crazy for you?! (mush)
you lassoed me..
tied me down..
to your world..
to our world..
you make me feel incapable of writing something..
you are beyond words..
this i feel..
is beyond comparison..



my life..

and i can't thank you enough for being my anchor..
my gravity..
my everything..

i can't stop..
i wanna stop..
i said no more words..

but there's just too much to say about you..
i can't put to words..

i want you..
want you..

and you alone..

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