Thursday, April 3, 2008


re-read my damned posts last year.. it's a good thing i don't remember my password.. i miss blogging.. but i don't miss my old blogs.. haha.. crazy me..

but hey.. what the heck..

I'm Back.. i'm less crazy.. but more psycho.. or not.. i don't really know.. you go figure it out..


My eyes are hurting.. I haven't earned enough sleep for my escapades this past days..

of the 72 hours.. 10 hours have been dedicated to sleep..

My ass is hurting and freezing.. i've been sitting on this chair for uhm.. 6 hours screwing with the net.. and messing myself even more by rereading my said old blogs.. with the AC in full just beside me..

My bladder is somewhat.. uhm.. hurting.. b'cause the urge to pee just isn't as strong as the urge to hold it in..

dang.. I'm starting to act like a bum.. good thing I've got class next week.. i really have to get myself going..

going.. meaning.. going home.. and getting busy..


this is my life.. i have earned the right to mess with it..

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