Monday, June 23, 2008


everything in one book..

i have been dreaming of you for the past days..

it was always the.. back to the old days dream..
nung mga araw na ala ka magawa.. at ibang makita kundi ako..
god i f*ckin' miss you..

and you go txtn me out of the blue that you miss me too..

but you go again with the dissing and throwing me away like i was some old rubbish you couldn't stand..

and there goes my support system..

i hope you know..
that the one person you hate most in my life..
the one bestfriend who's been keeping me sane..
said things that shocked me..

damn it..

sabi pa nya sana maayos to..
kasi skye deserves a father..
and na we have to patch this up..

coz she doesn't want me keeping skye from you!

because i was so f*uckin' pissed off with you that i told her you won't see even skye's shadow and anyway.. you don't believe in skye..

i didn't expect that from her..
but i always thought she was well above me..
and you hate her.. and want to kill her..

ala ka na nga sa life ko..
ala ka na kay skye..
and you want her out of my life too?!

you want me to go crazy..
beyond repair?!
how crazy do you want me to be..

you are as free as air to flow..
hinayaan kita to do everything..

the few friends that i want to have for myself.. you wish gone..

can't you see how good and forgiving my friends are..

they are but a few..

because the one friend i thought who'd be the best among them turns his back on me.. leaving me alone..

go on.. do your thing..


sana.. you can produce a straight answer..
you always turn deaf and mute when i ask you what you want.. from me..

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