Monday, June 30, 2008

my room..

weee.. my room is much more pretty na!

it's the way i pictured it..
although it's not that done yet.. but it's improved..
ready na xa para kay skye in a sense..

blinking and glowing ones..

it's a bit messy still..
but it's the way it should be..
atleast i can find my stuffs within the mess..

i don't know where to put skye there though..
it's a bit cramped..
tas matakot ako mahulog xa like what happened to toph..
he fell from the double decker last week and again early this morning from his bed..

it was a loud..

wah! wah! waH! mama! mamy!

i got all shaken up coz skye was doing something weird!
like stiffening too much na it hurts and i went all tachycardic!!
like my heart was pumping 400 times more.. pumping adrenalin to my body..
it was much more scary than the kikiks gammy and lhey talked about..

damn them..
speaking of kikiks..

it made a big mark on the upcoming samal escapades..
madami daw dun?!
hai.. sayang..

edit ko lang to later..
i'm a bit beat up..

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