Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's Been Happenin'

So what has been happening with my life..
Let's break it down into:
+ Skye
+ Tut
+ My Board Exam
+ Hai..


*Going four months..
The first USD was more than a month ago.. saying "hi momma! i'm 10 weeks old!" and i haven't had Skye checked after that.. and i have not had myself checked at all. I read my Maternal and Child Nursing books early this afternoon. That made me rethinking on reading further.
My ever pregnant friends told me not to use this and that.. basically the "kikay" stuffs like facial wash, toner, and other appliques,( and yes, even if it was expensive, Jazz!) but I wouldn't listen. i have a crazy break-out and I Don't want to look ugly, specially now that I'm single and am hunting for Skye's dad-to-be.
That, until I read the book. it was a different book because it was the "IT" book for Skye. The other books I read, I read only because it was more illustrative, and basically no reading occurred. I liked it showing how Skye looks now. Until I read that book.
Another helpful friend sent me a file on alcohol and pregnancy, because I asked if he could accompany me for a "quick" drinking session..
Need less to say, I am not allowed
- to put any topical whats-its unless they are alcohol free (no facial wash/scrub/toner/moisturizer, etc.) because it can result to CNS damage.

- alcohol because it can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, or something like it.. (my kid will be a drunkard even before she/he is born.)
[I can.. somehow.. live with that]
- caffeine/soda/Chocolates because it may contribute to Low Birth Weight.
[darn this.. me loves coffee!!!]
- tight clothings because it can cause deformities and candidiasis..
[supah down side: i don't have enough clothes anymore..]
*Braxton-Hicks Sign present
yeah! I feel the kicks and bloating.. basta yan..
*basically still hidden from the ever judging people that surround me.
it's better that way.. magulo ang mundo..


Well.. he has been the food of my head for the past month.. and no.. we have not done anythign significant for the green-minded.. we do intellectual stuffs.. like crazy early morning or late night talks and debates..
As much as I want him.. I don't.. and everyone i know who understands me and tut's history would say it is impossible that we are just.. erm.. for lack of better word.. FRIENDS.
I met an old friend of ours last saturday at a food joint. I was with a date who I just met because he was the new guy in a group of friends I forgot I had. since he lives near where I live, they designated him as my buddy to go home with. When everybody was on a vehicle to go home and we where left alone together, I quickly made "para" a taxi so we could go home na. But he said.. "coffee muna tayo?!" ..grrr.. me and my weakness for coffee.. free coffee in this case.. so I said "tara! libre ka ha!" "O! bah!" and off we went to that food joint.. that makasalanang food joint for B. .. are you still with me.. this guy is not tut, let's call him tutut.. hehehe..
So tutut and me sat drinking the nth cup of coffee we could muster, when old friend of me and tut walked by and said..
"Monica Sara Arguillas!, payata na nimo oi!"
OO na! payat na ako.. [i'm like skin and bones with nice set of boobs and a slutty hairdo..] I introduced tutut to old-friend and he asked if he's my bf.. i said
of course.. as if it was a signal for him.. he went and pinched my cheeks with both his big hands, just like he did when we used to hang out together.. I went and said
"Aray! ganyan din ginawa ni other-old-friend sa akin last sat.. kayo ba! kapayat ko na.. la na kayo makurot pagpilitan nyo parin!"
"nagkikita pa pala kayo?!"
"yup! last sat nga.. kasam c tut and (other old friends)"
"ah! si tut! musta na kayo? nag-evolve kayo? last time nakita ko kayo.. aw..
(he stopped to look at tutut who had a very interested face as if waiting for the word running thru his head to be blurted out by "old friend"..)
.. sayang, bagay panaman kayo, wag ka paloko kay Jazz, di yan inosente!" in a louder volume.
Tut on the other hand was texting me on my other number, which I left at home because I wasn't expecting anything.
msgs were:
"san ka. cofi?"
"ei. @ blugre. habol."
"bhay ka. bango ng cofi."
"sarap ng cofi."
all i read when i arrived home well after 4am.. not much of a loss anyway.. kung iisipin mo yung coffee.. 4 ata yung cups ng coffee naubos ko.
and yes, me and tutut are friends lang din. he's too.. erm.. me.. the sad me..
tut on the other hand is the green me.
so i choose the latter.

a better friend in "deed"?!
+My Board Exam


test I = 79%
test II = 69%
test III = 69%
test IV = 74%
test V = 80%

yang test 2 & 3.. i figured they'd be the lowest.. what with Hai..'s text message, dissing and cussing at me.. when i looked into my SMS during break after test 1.. and come to think of it, it was test 3 when I, so pissed about the message, got stuck on a question for 10 minutes or more and when I realized i was "tanga" I shook myself and said "FUCK" in the middle of the board exam room.. hehehe.. so it was a fail..
ang test 5 naman.. i was thinking bagsak din.. i was like *shit.. i didn't study this.. or *WTF! ano ito? .. i guess it I was lucky i had a lot of trust in bersabe that's why i had better scores in it.. THANKS SIR RUELLE!


hai.. he's.. erm.. back? ..

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