Wednesday, November 19, 2008

something to forget the itch about

been away for a while now..

obviously a line from a song..

it's been.. what?.. 3 months since i last did my emo itches., and yes.. i still have a lot to be emo about.. specially because i'm feeling very shitty right now..

but.. i don't wanna talk about it just yet.. it'll just make me feel a whole lot shittier than i feel right now.. so i'm lookin' in a lighter and brighter direction..
(mi bb's got an overdose of cortisol already.)

Si Tut..
he came to the rescue again..

this past few months, as i said, have been full of itches.. and though i can honestly say that he's not the best person to help me, given that his itch is as much as the itch Hai.. is giving me.. he just makes me laugh and feel stupid bt happy 'bout my great stupidities.. gets nyo?..

magulo gud ulo ko.. makabadtrip.. pero as i said.. he was at the rescue..

it was a wee bit late.. well.. late for me as i have to be home early because of the baby.. and i was crying an ocean (because of somethings i don't wanna talk about pa..)and there he was.. an angel in disguise.. literally.. he was like..

"What's up with you again?"
"same old same old.. what else is new.."
"what'd you do now?"
"expected to be love.. the way you're gf deserves to be.."
"why do you guys do that to us?!"
and the frank.est of all answers came..
"because we're guys."

we walked.. and barely talked..

as he usually does..
"want chocolates?"
"because obviously that's the only food left in your fridge.. right?"
" i got beef jerky too.. but i don't recommend you eat it.. i think it's spoiled or something.."
"so why hte hell'd you offer it then???"
"because i know you want it and i wanted you to know i have it." laughs.. and turns to his phone..
"tawagan natin si Pieton"
i went.. "NO! magagagalit lalo yun!"
"he's our friend.. and he has the bestest calm head for an emo chic like you right now!"
as if naman you're not emo.. but what the hell..
so pieton was on the line talking all calm and making me cry again..
"bagay kayo magsama cause you have the same.. erm.. itch going on.."
"really? he's still not done with his stuffs?" as if naman i have the right to be all shocked when I myself am not done with my stuffs..
and as pieton and i were talking pala.. tut was scanning my phone for porn.. which i have.. and i won't deny it.. so what? dba?!
"san ang scandals?!"
i placed my gallery in a very accessible button on my phone..
"easy access dear!"
"maganda toh?"
"i don't know.. i've only but seen it but without the oooohs! and ahhhhs! because i lost my headset."
"well we're in the house and we can put it in full volume.. gusto mo connect natin sa speakers?! lol"
so with the volume maxed.. we listened and watched and were basically bored because we realized we rock better than those in the vids.. we just laughed and shoved the phone and he continued with what he was doing before i bothered him..
he was doing a first season series marathon of which i've already watched hanggang sa season 4.. so i was pretty much talking about what happened the whole time as i was about to freeze to death in the room and that his stupid comforter was good for him only.. grrr.. and brrr..
he went " i'm watchin' you know"
hahahah.. and i saw his phone and scanned through his collection..
"it'll just bore you.. mas updated kapa kesa sakin!"
but i still looked on.. because i don't recognize some of the vidz.
i adjusted the volume and listened on..
"hindi ako maka concentrate jazz"
then stop watching the series ako na kwento para di ka madisturb.. hehehe
sex was never taboo for us..
it was the one sane thing we communicate mostly about..
in short.. na busy ako sa porn that i forgot i was crying oceans just minutes ago..

the good thin bout tut is..
he's a horny friend who won't try anything on you..
or maybe just didn't want to notice the signs..
erm.. like..

him watchin the vids almost over my trunk..
and yes him touching my tummy from the back..

and yes, i know a few good horny men who have pregnant fetishes..
hahahaha.. pero ibang kwento na yun..

needless to say.. as much as porn does something to people like us.. nothing happened.. nothing will happen..

and as i close this blog.. i feel better na.. less emo itch i think..
kaso the truth still remains..

these itches won't end until i decide to end them.. and it'll probably take long pa..
bka next year? or somebody decides to sane up.. hmmm..

scream for me for the mean time..

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