Thursday, July 3, 2008

She's gone flipside!!!

She's done it again..

B. , as i am to refer to my dear best friend who's been very pre-occupied with her life, may have had her brains flipped..

i talked.. if you call texting a talk.. to her about the things that happened the other day..
about how i did "it" again.. and "it" is something seriously.. uhm.. unbecoming of me..

i don't know if she's just psyching me so i would shut up and make me do what i have to do.. focus and stuffs related to "focusing" or if she's telling me the truth..

what ever she said did a lot of shaking with this messed up brain i own..
she said "love ka man nya. pero di lang sya ready for skye."
and i hate that she said that cause it feels like a false insurance..
and i do have this thing that when somebody tells me something it won't go out of my head.. even if i want it to.. specially if it's from people i care about.. and yes.. i do know how to care..
i so care for her.. and i respect her advices.. argh! and what she said twisted my world even more..

she was always the person against it.. and now.. she's gone flipside..
she's told me all the possible actions from best to last..
so that i can get my mind off the crap i've been bothering myself with..

but it wouldn't be bothering me if it's crap right?! ugh!

i promised myself not to do this type of blogs..

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