Monday, July 7, 2008


tama na.. ok?

why the sudden urge to bother me again?!

figure your sh*t out..

i know you have a girlfriend.. kaw pa!

tinolerate ko when you went around f*cking everyone else..

i don't do your thing dear..

i'm getting tired of all your threats..

i can't go out with my friends.. is that what you want?!

i can't put my bestfriends life in danger i'm not that stupid.. i need her and i think i love her more than i love you know.. with what your doing.. and i hope you know that she's not mean like you think she is!

don't go threatening all my friends!

What?! i can't go out and party?!

when you go out and party and do god knows what.. kahit nga d ka nagpaparty..

i've got your sh*t figured out..

all this years.. kilala kita..

and you know i do..


stop giving me crap!!

kahit ano kita ka mahal..
i will not tolerate your issues anymore..

bakit?! nung nakikita kita may iba.. do i go and attack your "MAHAL"..
i'm not gonna stoop down to your level..

tama na damage mo oi!

magpakasaya ka na dyan.. let me be..

dun ka sa kanila.. alam ko madami sila..

oo mahal kita..
ako mahal mo ba?!

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